About This Website

Thoughts and Builds

This website was lovingly created by:

  • Caravan (Matt) - a creative studio that builds communities.
  • Benjamin Petersen - a programmer, web builder, and traveler.

Caravan handled the creative design, direction and content while Ben covered all the implementation details. The site was built from scratch using hugo, webpack, and Sass for css. It is deployed and hosted on Netlify.

Matt and Ben wanted to share their Arizona Trail experience by telling a story that champions community and making it available to anyone with an internet connection. Through this, they hope to inspire others - from every corner of the globe - to visit the Arizona Trail and think about what community means to them.

All content and images are copyright of Matthew Jasperson (Caravan, 2018).

I enjoyed working on this project and would love to create more work like this. If you need something built for you online or in person, or just want to talk about how this project came to life, please email me here or reach out on Instagram. Visit my personal webpage anytime to see the latest on what I’m doing, building and creating.

Find out where I am here. If we ever happen to be in the same city, don’t be a stranger 😬 and say “hi.” I like coffee, yoga, street foods and experiences that involve dogs.

💛, Ben